Sensual Movement & Pole Dance Series – Sept. 23, 30 & Oct. 7

Sundays, September 23, 30 and October 7, 2018

Roco Dance Fairfax Studio – 56 Bolinas Rd. Fairfax, CA 94930 

6-7:30pm Beginner Level

6-9pm Int/Adv Level **already taken a series, workshop or attended a retreat with Ana or have equivalent experience.**

Pricing: $105 for Beginners, $195 for int/adv

Sensual movement is a dance form that is meant for ALL women, at ANY age and ANY fitness level. It is an incredibly effective tool for reconnecting to your body, sensuality, power and purpose. Since our bodies tell our greatest truths – if we can learn to listen and trust, the potential for growth is unlimited.

Sensual movement slows us down and opens us to this deep knowledge that we all process – but sometimes can’t access. When we begin to move and connect to out bodies we also unlock “stuck” parts of our lives, heal old wounds, and feel more health and joy! Bring a yoga mat! No lotion or oils on the skin. Wear comfortable dance clothes. Bring yoga shorts for advanced pole work.

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