The 3 Alts

We seek to embrace and forge an alternative path for women. Our path leads not into shame, competition and comparison, but toward acceptance, joy, health, and wholeness. There are many ways to be female, maybe one day this concept will not be the alternative, but the norm. We hope so.

What we treat as sacred is sacred. And what we pay loving attention to will flourish and shine. Our classes, workshops, retreats and extended Alt Feminine community function in this way-as a living Altar of Women who collectively form the heart of our mission. This dynamic life size altar is a concept that helps us to focus our intentions, promote our work and allows us to grow and change.

Dance and movement teach us that action heals and can often speak louder than words. Our vision of feminism comes in the form of being the example we seek to find in the world. We lift up what is intriguing and positive for us. We exalt the feminine and let go of what does not resonate with us. We are not positioning ourselves as judges and we do not seek to police how other women live their lives or use their bodies. This keeps our vision and purpose clear.

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