Pay $1 a day


21 days of committed movement for yourself in the ease and privacy of your own space.

What we are including in this offering: 2 online meetings via ZOOM with the ladies of The Alt Feminine.

ANA + DEB will guide a sensual moving meditation together to kick off, and then to close, our Sexy AF Summer Sensual Movement Challenge.

Thursday, June 30th, 5:pm PT for the first day of our 21-day challenge, and again on, Thursday, July 21st, 5:pm PT for our last day.

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~ Sensual movement is a dance form that is meant for ALL women, at ANY age and ANY fitness level. It is an incredibly effective tool for reconnecting to your body, sensuality, power + purpose. Since our bodies tell our greatest truths – if we can learn to listen and trust, the potential for growth is unlimited. Sensual movement slows us down and opens us to this deep knowledge that we all process- but sometimes can’t access. When we begin to move and connect to our bodies we also unlock “stuck” parts of our lives, heal old wounds + feel more health and joy! The Alt Feminine ~

Please don’t worry if you can’t make it to the ZOOM gatherings, we will have them recorded for you and available with a special link and passcode. You may also participate in the challenge without being part of the zoom meetings or watching the recordings!

Then: Thoughtful daily affirmations with accompanying music choices- 21 days worth!

Through weekly emails, you will receive a week’s worth of daily affirmations, and a playlist to accompany and inspire your daily solo movement! (2 SONGS A DAY)

By using the same curated playlist choices to move to on the daily we will all be moving to the same music, much as if we are all dancing together.

Spotify links and a written playlist will be provided. No Spotify? No problem, use whatever music app you are familiar with.

Connect with YOUR own personal Empowered Embodiment Practice DAILY for 21 days!
21 days to get into a new habit of self-care, pleasure + time carved out just for YOU!

Come try this with us for 21 days!

Big Hugs, Deb + Ana